SmartAid Gift Cards for Israel

אודות SmartAid Gift Cards for Israel

The amount of the Gift Card purchased for aid will be converted into a BUYME Gift Card - the largest gift brand in Israel- and sent to families in Israel that need it. With the Gift Card sent, family members can use various businesses nationwide in Israel. For example - clothing stores, underwear, restaurants, children's toys, household items, hotels, and more

The families receiving the Gift Card can split the amount across various businesses.

The total Gift Cards transaction will be processed without any charges.

  • The total value of the Gift Cards that can be purchased as assistance at once is up to 1500 ILS.

  • The purchased Gift Cards  will be in ILS only. 

  • All  the purchased Gift Cards will be transferred via the BUYME company. 

  • The issued Gift Cards will be valid for five years from the day the Gift Card is received.

    Termsand Conditions - SMARTAID

The expiration date will appear on the Gift Card itself