Terms and Conditions Light of Strength

1.     General:

1.1.     These Terms and Conditions govern the terms of participation in the Gift Card purchase activity for the "Light of Strength" , a non- profit organization and constitute a binding agreement. This document outlines the rights and obligations of both the Association and Participants. The participation in the activity constitutes the Participant's full agreement to all terms in this document.

1.2.     In any case of any discrepancy or inconsistency between the provisions of this documents and any other publications related to the activity, including publications through communication channels, the provisions of this document shall prevail.

1.3.     By participating, the Participant declares and confirms that they have read this document thoroughly, agree to its entire content, accepts all its provisions, including any future changes, and that these provisions shall apply to them and bind them.

1.4.     Participation in the Activity by a Participant is at the Particiapnt’s own risk, and they undertake to indemnify and compensate BUYME, its employees, managers, or representatives for any damage, loss, loss of profit, payment, or expense incurred by them in connection with his participation.

2.        Definitions:

2.1.     "BUYME" - Buy Me Technologies Ltd., Israeli company. No. 514480276.

2.2.     "Activity" - An activity in which Participants are allowed to purchase Gift Cards that will be transferred to the  Association as described in Section 3 of these Terms.

2.3.     "Association" - Light of Strength.

2.4.     "Participant" and/or "Activity Participants" - A person over the age of 18 who participates in the activity in accordance with the provisions of this document and is authorized to perform actions such as purchasing gift Cards according to any applicable instructions.

2.5.     "Terms and Conditions" - As detailed on the website

2.6.     "Privacy Policy" - As detailed on the website www.buyme.co.il.

2.7.     "Gift Card"- A digital Gift Card, as provided by BUYME, in accordance with its exclusive discretion.

3.       Participation in the Activity:

3.1.     Within the framework of the activity, BUYME and the Association will allow Participants to purchase Gift Card(s) on a dedicated page on the website www.buyme.co.il.

3.2.     The activity, which relates to the option to purchase Gift Cards, will continue until ________________, ___________. However, the association and BUYME may mutually agree in writing to extend the activity period and/or cancel it at any time and for any reason ("Activity Period"), and/or transfer the Gift Cards to the Gift Card recipients even after the Activity Period.

3.3.     The purchase of Gift Cards will be possible by direct payment to BUYME and/or by contacting BUYME's customer service, requesting to convert the Participants BUYME Gift Cards. All transferred Gift Cards must be owned solely by the Participant requesting to transfer said Gift Cards.

3.4.     Gift Cards purchased within the framework of the activity will be transferred to the Association, which is committed to transfer all the Gift Cards to residents of different communities in Israel The identity of the residents receiving the Gift Cards, shall be decided solely by the Association ("Recipients").

3.5.     It is hereby clarified that the purchase of Gift Cards does not constitute a legal donation, and participants will have no claim in connection with this, against BUYME and/or the association and/or any of them.

3.6.     The data of the Gift Card recipients who will be eligible to receive the Gift Cards, the entitlement of the Gift Card recipients to receive the Gift Cards, and the face value of each Gift Card to be sent to the Gift Card recipients, will be in accordance with the lists provided by Association, and the association will be solely responsible for the accuracy of the data, for delivering the Gift Cards to the Gift Card recipients, and for obtaining the consent of the Gift Card recipients to send the Gift Cards to them.

3.7.     The Association will be entitled to request to change Gift Cards purchased to provide specific Gift Cards to the Recipients in accordance with its lists. Thus, for example, the association may ask BUYME to cancel one Gift Card in the face value of ₪100 and another Gift Card in the face value of ₪50 to create one Gift Card of ₪150.

3.8.     By participating, the participant agrees and declares that he complies with all the conditions specified in Section 2.4 above, that he accepts the instructions of this document, and that this document binds him in all respects, and that he is authorized to purchase Gift Cards in accordance with any laws and regulations.

3.9.     In any case where a Participant violates the provisions of this document, BUYME may cancel his participation in the activity and cancel the Gift Card(s) purchased, all at its sole discretion. The Participant waives in advance any claim and/or demand and/or lawsuit against BUYME and/or anyone on its behalf.

4.       Privacy Policy and Website Regulations:

4.1.     By participating in the Activity, the Participant confirms that all the information provided by them during the Activity ( “Information”) will be used by BUYME and/or anyone on its behalf for the purpose of managing the activity and/or operating the website www.buyme.co.il, and that the General Terms and conditions and privacy policy will apply to it.

4.2.     The Participant confirms and agrees that the provision of the information provided by them is done voluntarily and with the knowledge that the information will be used as stated.

4.3.     BUYME may receive and/or collect information about the Participants and store it in its databases. In these contexts, it is clarified that (a) Participants are not obligated by any laws and/or regulations to disclose or provide their details; and (b) the Participant knows and agrees that BUYME may use the information received and/or collected for its business purposes, aggregate it in databases (as defined in the Israeli Privacy Protection Law, 1981); and (c) BUYME may be entitled to transfer the information received and/or collected by it outside the borders of Israel.

4.4.     BUYME implements systems and procedures to secure information. While these systems and procedures minimize the risks of unauthorized access to the data collected by it, they are not foolproof against all unauthorized penetration of the data. Therefore, BUYME does not guarantee that participation in the activity will be completely immune from unauthorized access to the information collected in this context.

5.       Liability:

5.1.     BUYME and/or the Association will not be liable for any malfunction in the operation of the Activity, including due to reasons beyond their control, including communication problems or technical malfunctions.

5.2.     BUYME and/or the Association will not be liable for any direct or indirect damage, inconvenience or loss incurred by the Participants and/or third parties in connection with or as a result of participating in the activity and/or purchasing Gift Cards and/or transferring Gift Cards and/or using the website and/or as a result of using the Gift Cards.

5.3.     The participant will have no claim and/or demand and/or lawsuit against BUYME and/or the Association and/or anyone on their behalf in respect of the activity and/or its implementation, and/or in respect of the award of Gift Cards and/or their value.

6.        General:

6.1.     It is clarified that the Association is responsible for the implementation of the Activity in its website and other channels and for transferring the Gift Cards to the Gift Card Recipients, and BUYME is not responsible for these matters.

6.2.     BUYME reserves the right to change the provisions of these Terms, at its sole discretion, and the provisions of the changed regulations will apply to all Participants, including those who participated in the Activity before the change.

6.3.     These terms and any action related to them will be governed by the laws of the State of Israel only, and only the competent courts in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel, will have jurisdiction in any matter and/or dispute related to the Activity and/or its implementation.

6.4.     Any notice given to the Participants will be given in writing in the ways and to the addresses provided by the participants, at the discretion of BUYME.

6.5.     If a court of competent jurisdiction determines that any provision of these terms is invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, then that provision will be severed from these terms, and the remaining provisions will continue to be valid and enforceable.