privacy policy

BUYME (hereinafter "BUYME" or "The Company" Private Company No.: 514480276) operates the website, which serves as a site that enables clients to conveniently and easily receive information, review, check, and purchase coupons from various vendors and businesses that periodically change. We at BUYME abide by the laws of the State of Israel, including in accordance with privacy laws applicable to the personal information and data that we collect from our customers.

The Company respects your privacy and we are committed to protecting your personal information. Our Privacy Policy is designed to inform you of the types of information that we collect about you through the site or otherwise via the Services that we provide (hereinafter the "Services"), including the purchase of coupons from a variety of products and services from businesses, such as fashion, clothing, grooming, vacation, cultural, leisure, dining, health, etc. services and products; the ways in which we collect data; and the steps that we take in order to secure your information, as well as the uses made of this information, in addition to the options available to you regarding the use of your information. We will not trade any information or give it to others, except as expressly stated in this document.

Information collection as detailed below, and its retention in the Company’s database, is required for the operational purposes necessary to provide optimal service on our part and to safeguard our legitimate interests, and is subject to Israel’s Privacy Protection Law of 1981 (hereinafter - the "Privacy Protection Law"), as well as other legal regulations incumbent upon us. It is important to underline the fact that you are not legally obligated to provide us with the requested information. However, without this information, we will be unable to process your request.

In the event that we provide you with additional instructions and/ or information regarding your privacy, among other things, as part of a business transaction for coupon purchase or while browsing the Company’s website, then the information contained in this policy document is supplementary to any such instructions and/ or information.

We may periodically update this Privacy Policy, as required and as subject to changes in the law. Please pay attention to these changes because they apply to you. Our updated Privacy Policy will appear on this site at all times.

What personal information do we collect and how exactly do we collect it?

The personal information that we collect may include the following details:

·         Identifying details and contact information such as name, telephone number, ID number, and email address. This information will be collected from you as part of the details and registration pages on the site, namely filling in details on landing pages that you reach via social networks, through contacting our customer service, and/ or through information obtained from third parties (such as employers who purchase a coupon for their employees).

·         Payment method details. This information will be collected directly from you as part of the details and registration pages on the site, including as part of purchases made on the site, or by contacting our customer service.

·         Information provided by you in the answers to questions asked regarding personal identification and site security, or as part of a survey.   This information will be collected from you as part of the details and registration pages on the site, namely filling in details on landing pages that you reach via social networks, through contacting our customer service, and/ or through information obtained from third parties. Participation in these surveys is voluntary and you can choose to not provide any information.

·         Profile picture and any other published information on your publicly available Facebook profile (in the event that you choose to connect to the Company’s site via your personal Facebook account).

·         Information related to how you will redeem your coupon (including the identity of the business and the date chosen to redeem it).

·         Information needed to prevent scams and frauds. This information will be collected by the Company via your use of the site or through third parties.

·         Additional information as stated in this privacy policy.


If you provide us with information about other people (i.e. family members, employees of your company) or in their name, then you must receive their consent regarding this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use or Terms of Service for the applicable service.

Please be aware that the law also protects the privacy of children. Respect the law and your children and obtain their consent for the information collection described in this Policy. Instruct them on safe use of these Services.


Information Usage:

The purposes of information usage include, among other things, the following:

·         Providing you with our offered Services

·         Getting in touch with you and others regarding our Services, including the ability to change, adjust, and cancel the Services that we provide to you.

·         Advertising and marketing on our behalf, providing information about products and Services that we supply in collaboration with third parties, including your customized information (see additional information regarding contact, advertising, and direct mailing below).

·         Improving the information that we collect about you.

·         Adjusting the advertisements and/ or transactions that appear on our site to suit your interests.

·         Complying with legal requirements, such as judicial and governmental orders, and including those of foreign authorities, if we believe that we are required to abide by them.

·         Protecting our legal rights and those of others.

·         Maintaining procedural regulations, such as accounting reviews, information security, charges and collection, business continuation, preventing fraud and scams, disaster recovery, and proper document and record upkeep.

·         Operating and improving our Services and products, including market research, surveys, and statistical analysis, including understanding customer usage on our network regarding Services and products, examining the number of visitors to the site, segmenting  general habits and buying habits, etc.

·         Continuous operation and enrichment of the site's content, as well as implementing management and control activities for the systems.

·         Handling information issue requests for information review and correction.


Information Transfer:

We may transfer the information that we hold to third parties, including those outside Israel. The information will be transmitted solely for the purposes of fulfilling its objectives, in full accordance with the law and your rights, and subject to this Policy. Third parties are also subject to these obligations in order to maintain the information in exactly the same way that we do. Nevertheless, it must be clarified that in cases where the information is transferred in response to judicial orders and/ or at the request of law enforcement agencies, as outlined below, then BUYME will strive to ensure that your privacy information matters are safeguarded as far as possible in the circumstances. 

The Company may transfer information to third parties as detailed below:

·         Businesses and/ or vendors and/ or subcontractors and/ or outsourcing contractors, with whom we cooperate as part of our Services and in connection to activities in which you can participate and receive service. The information will be forwarded to them in order to fulfill the particular service;

·         Subcontractors in areas such as service centers, information systems, telecommunications providers, cloud computing service providers, publishing houses, mail and mail distribution system providers, surveyors, marketing consultants, risk managers, and outsourcing business operation providers;

·         Third parties that provide us with scam and fraud prevention services, such as Riskified. For more information about the types of information transmitted to this company and their information usage, please see their Privacy Policy at:;

·         Third parties that provide us with data analytics and account management services, such as Adoric.   For more information about the types of information transmitted to this company and their information usage, please see their Privacy Policy at:; Law enforcement agencies, in the event that you carry out on the site an act that is suspected of breaching the law and/ or the site’s Terms of Use, as well as in the event that you are required to provide information about yourself pursuant to a judicial order. We may also transfer information in accordance with any law, including in response to government and court orders (including those emanating from outside of Israel) and in connection with the transfer of information to credit data service companies;

·         Third parties furnishing us with the services that provide platform navigation tools and DAP services for better user experience include WalkMe and its subcontractors: Amazon Web Services Inc., Akamai Technologies Inc., GoodData Inc. and Logs Hero Inc. ( For more information about the types of information transmitted to WalkMe and their information usage, please see their Privacy Policy at:; which is subject to Company provisions and Israeli law;

·         We may transfer information in the context of selling our business (including as part of negotiations for such a sale), as well as in the framework of a restructuring, merger, joint venture or any other transaction in connection to our business. In these cases, the information recipient will be subject to the same restrictions regarding information usage applicable to us;


Contact, Advertising, & Direct Mail:

The details that you provide when you register on our site or app, or details provided by third parties from whom coupons were purchased, will be used by us to send direct mail (customized publications) and other advertising materials in various ways, including email and SMS.

In order to stop receiving updates and advertisements (as defined in Section 30A of Israel’s Telecommunications Law of 1982) via SMS or email, or to delete information that led to customized advertisements, contact 

In any case, we are still allowed to send you messages that the law does not prevent us from forwarding to you, despite your refusal.

Additionally, your removal from the customized advertising does not mean your removal from other publications. Hence, you may continue receiving advertisements that are not customized for you even after requesting your removal.



Links to third-party sides found in this Privacy Policy are not our responsibility and we have no control over their information security and/ or the uses of the information collected as a result of access to the sites.  


Cookies and Automatic Information Collection on the Website

As part site use or its related services, the Company automatically and statistically documents information about your browsing behavior. When using the site, cookies, i.e. the unique internal markup that we send to your browser, may be used. These cookies are not computer software and they do not possess the ability to read information or perform any actions on your computer.

With the help of cookies, we are able to identify your return to the site and this enables us to provide you with fast and efficient service, customized to your personal preferences, whereby saving you time in re-filling various personal details that we already have stored.

Additionally, with the help of cookies, we are able to collect information about your computer (or smartphone) use, such as its operating system, type of screen, browser, IP address, time spent on the site or any of its pages, battery level (if any), location, etc. This information will be used for improving both the site and our Services.

We may use web beacons and other similar technologies, among other things, to track site users and email writers and to measure the percentage of responsiveness to our mails and the success of our marketing campaigns, as well as to improve site usage.


Information Security and Encryption

In order to secure and encrypt the information, the Company takes on reasonable security measures in compliance with customary and accepted Web standards. Nevertheless, these systems and procedures do not provide absolute security and the Company does not guarantee that its services will be completely immune from unauthorized access to the information stored therein. As long as the Company undertakes reasonable security measures and procedures, as stated above, it will not be liable for any resulting damage.

Furthermore, in order to ensure maximum security, we recommend that you undertake security measures as well. For example, please update us if your contact information has changed so that important and sensitive material reaches its proper destination. Additionally, we recommend that you install virus protection.


Information Review:

In order to review the information that we hold about you, it is incumbent upon you to write an email to our service center at, and subsequently follow the guidelines so that we can accurately verify your identity. If we hold inaccurate information about you, then you have the right to request its correction or deletion, subject to cases where the law allows or requires us to maintain the information as is.


Information Deletion:

You can request information deletion directly by writing to the mail listed above. In specific instances, you have the right to request the deletion of additional information. Information deletion will be possible in accordance with the law, including cases where it is not required by us for the purpose of providing the Services, for the safeguarding of our legitimate interests, for complying with legal regulations to retain information, or for protection against claims.